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What is Cheeze, and how does it work?
Cheeze is a platform that allows Creators easily collaborate with any Brand. With Cheeze, anyone can share their work or bring ideas to life with AI, submit their content directly to Brands, and get rewarded if they like it. Brands gain access to a vast amount of user-generated content and all the exclusive rights to use it, saving millions in marketing costs.
Who can create content for Brands?
Anyone can be a creator, regardless of their background or experience. Photographers, artists, illustrators, 3D and AI artists, designers, videographers, animators, motion designers, musicians, and DJs. Additionally, our neural networks tools are making it possible for anyone to try their hand at creating content with AI.
Will the Brands reward content Creators?
Yes, if the Brand likes the content, they may choose to reward the Creator for it. The Brand may choose to use one or a combination of several rewards. Currently, the following types of rewards are available: - Showcasing the approved content and Creator's profile on the official page of the Brand - LENZ tokens - NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as unique digital assets - SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens) as a form of recognition
Explain more about placement on the Brand Page
The brand can reward the Creator by posting their content and profile link on the official Brand Page. If a Brand chooses to showcase content on their official page, it can be highly beneficial reward for the Creator. This placement can increase the Creator's visibility and reach, leading to a larger audience and potential collaborations with Top Brands in the future. It also acts as an endorsement from the Brand, increasing the Creator's credibility, reputation, and recognition in the industry.
What is LENZ token?
The Brand can reward the Creator with a certain amount of LENZ tokens. LENZ is the main currency for the creator economy that can be used across the Cheeze eco-system. LENZ tokens offer a secure, transparent, and decentralized method of payment. Creators can use LENZ tokens to unlock exclusive features, purchase merchandise, or participate in special events. Moreover, LENZ can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, giving Creators the potential to earn additional income.
What are NFTs?
The Brand can reward the Creator by sending them an NFT. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. One of the main benefits of using NFTs as a reward is that they provide a way to establish ownership and authenticity of a piece of digital content. Non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold. On the Cheeze platform, Brands can reward Creators with traditional NFTs or NFT vouchers. - Traditional NFTs: The unique digital assets that represent ownership of a specific piece of digital content created by the Brand. Have value as a collectible item. NFTs are unique digital assets which cannot be duplicated or replicated, making them a valuable and exclusive asset that is not available elsewhere. Once a Creator receives an NFT from a Brand, they have exclusive ownership of that particular digital asset. This means that they can display the NFT in their collection or sell it on the Cheeze marketplace to other interested parties. - NFTs vouchers: On the Cheeze platform, NFTs created by Brands can also represent digital versions of vouchers. These vouchers can provide access to the events, discounts, or gifts, creating an additional incentive for Creators to participate and engage with the Brand. This versatility allows Brands to creatively design NFTs with unique benefits to Creators. For instance, an NFT could represent a ticket to an exclusive event hosted by the Brand, a discount on merchandise, or an exclusive branded gift. The Brand creates NFTs on the Cheeze platform and assigns them to Creators as a form of reward for the received content. Once a Creator receives an NFT from a Brand, they have ownership of the underlying asset and can utilize the benefits associated with it. For example, if the NFT represents a voucher for a discount on a Brand's merchandise, the Creator can redeem the discount by utilizing the NFT. If they choose not to utilize the benefit behind an NFT voucher, they can resell the NFT on the Cheeze marketplace to another interested party. This feature enables Creators to monetize their NFT vouchers and earn value from them even if they choose not to utilize the rewards they represent.
What are SBTs?
The Brand can reward the Creator by sending them a SBT. SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens) are called "Soul Bound" because they are tied to the Creator's profile and cannot be transferred or sold to others. They represent a form of recognition and achievement for the Creator, which can be displayed on their profile and used as a badge of honor to showcase their success. SBTs provide Creators with a sense of achievement and recognition for their contributions to the Brand. They offer a sense of accomplishment and can be used as a form of social proof to demonstrate the Creator's expertise and credibility to potential Brand partners.
How to find the Brand?
To find the desired Brand, simply type its Instagram username into the search box. Once the search is done, you can verify that the brand you've chosen is the right one by checking its title, profile picture, and number of followers.
How to upload my content to the Brand?
Follow a few simple steps: 1. Log in: Create your Cheeze account using your e-mail address or phone number. Add more information to your profile to increase your credibility and collaboration potential with Brands. 2. Find the brand: Simply type its Instagram username into the search box. 3. Upload content: Select a category: photo, art, video or audio, then upload the desired content. Give it a title and category (compulsory), add descriptions and tags (optional), and agree to Terms&Conditions. Note, the more information provided, the easier for brands to notice you. 4. Submit for review: The brand will evaluate the content and determine if it meets their requirements and standards. If the Brand approves your content, you will get rewarded. This can include placement on the Brand’s official page, LENZ tokens, NFTs, or other forms of recognition and compensation.
How to generate content with AI?
Generating content to the Brand with AI is a fun process that can be done in a few simple steps: 1. Log in: To upload content to Brand, you must first log-in to your Cheeze account. You can create an account using your e-mail address or phone number. Adding more information to your profile can help to increase your credibility and collaboration potential with Brands. Who knows, a Brand might discover you and reach out for an exciting collaboration opportunity! 2. Find the Brand: To find the desired Brand, simply type its Instagram username into the search box. 3. Generate content: In order to generate content, you first need to describe what you want the AI to create with the text prompt. Optionally selected the image that ca be used as a reference for the final output and choose an art style. Click “Creat Magic” button and get ready for the fun of magic! After the picture has been generated, you have to choose one of the 4 options presented and click on the "Upscale" button. After that, you need to write a title, optionally give a description, select a category and specify the tags. The final touch, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions. 4. Submit content to the Brand: After generating the content with AI, you can submit it to the Brand for review. The Brand will evaluate the content and determine if it meets their requirements and standards. 5. Get rewarded: If the Brand approves your content, you will receive the reward. The reward can include placement on the Brand's official page, LENZ tokens, NFTs, or other forms of recognition and compensation.
Can I send the same content to different Brands?
No, you cannot send the same content to different Brands. The content has to be exclusive.
How will I know if my content is selected by the Brand
You’ll receive a notification if your content were approved by the Brand. In addition, on your profile page you will see updated numbers next to the Brand-approved counter.
How long does it takes for Brand to see and approve my content?
Brands can approve your content both literally as soon as you submit it or after a fairly long time. It all depends on the Brand's goals and strategies for using your content. Want to give you a hint that the more high-quality and Brand relevant content you generate, the more likely the Brand will notice and reward you.
What does it mean if the content I have send to the Brand disappear from my Profile?
If your content has been rejected by the Brand, you will no longer see it in the Brand Content section of your Profile and on the public Explore page.
Does having a blue checkmark (verified profile) affect the display of my content for Top Brands?
Yes, users who have been verified definitely have some advantages. Their content is shown in Brand Studio above all others, which highlights it from the huge amount of uploaded content. In addition it is also displayed in the Top charts of Explore page, where their work can be seen by other brands.
How do I get a blue checkmark?
The decision to get a blue checkmark is at the sole discretion of the Cheeze team. In order to increase your chances of getting a blue checkmark you need to complete your profile and generate content for at least 15 different brands. First of all, make sure you fill out all the important information on your profile, like your bio and social links. Let everyone know what you're good at and what you specialize in. If you have any links to content you've created, be sure to share them on your profile. This gives Brands a better idea of the quality of work you can deliver. Brands are looking for people with expertise and knowledge to help them achieve their goals, so don't be shy about showing what you've got! Second, stay active on the platform and generate content. This will help Brands see that you're engaged and interested in collaboration opportunities, making it more likely for them to reward and contact you. Also, our powerful algorithms highlight active users and promote them to brands in every possible way.
What rights do brands have to my content once I submit it?
When you submit your content to a brand, you are transferring all rights to your content to the brand. This means that the brand has the right to use your content for their purposes.
I need help. How can I contact the team?
If you have any questions about the Cheeze platform, please write us an email to help@cheeze.com
I'm a Brand representative and I want to purchase access to the Studio, how can I do that?
If you are the Brand's representative, please send an email to brands@cheeze.com

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